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PlantLicious on Wheels

Please note:

The winter menu does NOT include the cooking kits.

If you would like to save money on delivery fees, you can pick up your order at the BVCC in Thornbury.

At the checkout of your order there will be a coupon button. Please enter "pick up" and the delivery fee will not be charged. come home after a long day - and your fresh dinner is already chopped and prepared, ready to reach the table in LESS THAN 15 MINUTES

- Delivery right to your door once a week

- No shopping

- No chopping

- No waste

- Very easy to follow cooking instructions

- Compostable packaging

Order your cooking kit and receive:

- everything you need for a fresh healthy dinner.

   Veggies are already chopped, sauce, spices...

    all measured for you

- in compostable packaging

- the portions are big, you don't need to add anything

What you do:

- follow the very easy cooking instructions

- meat lovers add their meat of choice (you don't have to. The portions are big and the nutrition is well balanced. We just don't want to deliver raw meat)

Your dinner will be


The meals are vegetarian and vegan friendly.

We don't use refined sugar and we keep the sodium low.

We don't add any oils.

Gluten free options are marked with GF.

Delivery to Collingwood, Thornbury and Meaford only

minimum order $40

Delivery fee $6

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