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Meet Antje

When I came to Ravenna the first time in 2009 – I immediately fell in love with this beautiful area, our community, and our active & outdoorsy lifestyle.


Being in the restaurant business for over 10 years now, I’ve built a reputation for natural, unprocessed foods and nourishing, tasty recipes.


What I’ve learned:

I noticed that people are looking for healthier convenient “fast food” options in their busy life.

As a vendor at the Collingwood Farmers Market for years, I often hear people asking for meatless meal options.

I listened closely to my customers in the last 2 years – and the idea of Plantlicious developed.


What I do:

I prepare fresh plant based food like

Hummus Dips in many different flavours

different Veggie Burger Patties

healthy Salads

Soups and Stews

and make them available for you in local grocery stores, online, in local restaurants, and Spa's.

always delivered in Compostable Containers!

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