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4 Week Weight Loss Program

NEW - 2 WEEK Program available!

start: February 13th, 2019

If you have tried to lose weight with different programs, you know that diets don't work sustainably.

Learn everything about healthy food and how to lose weight sustainably without making a diet and without an exercise plan.

Eat yummy food without counting calories or points - and never feel hungry or tired.

  • Lose weight for good

  • Enjoy your new lifestyle

  • Stop counting calories

  • Meet like-minded people in our beautiful area

Kickstart a new YOU!


The 4 week program includes:

- 4 week meal plans & shopping lists

- 4 weekly meetings

- 5 power point presentations

- personal one-on-one online support

- a closed facebook group to share cooking tips, thoughts, motivation, questions and fun

- a lot of information and nutritional facts during this time

Presentations, videos, discussions about:

- How can I lose weight without making another frustrating diet?

- How to read nutritional labels

- Do I need an exercise plan?

- nutritional deficiencies and supplements

- What is a healthy diet?

- The psychological side of our eating habits and how we can break the cycle

- calorie counting vs. calorie density

- other positive "side effects" of this way of eating and lifestyle

No additional costs! No book sales, no supplement sales...


up to 6 participants:       $299

up to 8                               $250

up to 10                             $230

more than 10                   $200

plus tax

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